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June 16, 2017


Since we hung our hat in 2013, Annex has been delighted to help clients large and small solve problems. Our creative consultancy used design, technology, and a unique blend of experiences to solve our clients’ most challenging problems and we’ve done that and had a lot of fun along the way.

We helped Piccolo Spoleto and the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts fill our city with vibrant performances. We sharpened pencils and gave the College of Charleston a digital bully pulpit. We listened to choirs sing, orchestras play, and discovered that most of those little packets of flower food you get with every bouquet are made in Walterboro, 45 minutes from our office.

We architected some great websites, including one that is helping The Citadel Foundation raise $175 million. And years ago, we designed a bumper sticker that, even if long faded, won’t go away, because people love their library even when it’s not a referendum year. We made a Governor’s Christmas card, helped advocate for cleaner waters, and raised a lot of money for Mother Emanuel selling a lot of t-shirts.

We’ve worked with our old friends and made new ones. And we’ve liked every project we’ve done. That remains true.

But, sometimes things change. And today, we make known one of the biggest: we notified our clients this week that, next month, on July 15, 2017, Annex will close.

We’d like to thank everyone for being along for the ride — from our first client to our final intern, our first Twitter follower (Carl) to all those people who have supported this journey from the very beginning and those that were just getting on board.

Especially to our families: we owe you a debt of gratitude for the love and support you’ve given each of us. Oh, and Tante Bean, I’m pretty sure we never paid you back for the state filing fee for our LLC; the check is in the mail.

We’re sad that after four years of kick-ass creative and smart solutions, we’re not able to continue. Mostly, because it means we won’t get to work with our wonderful clients anymore.

So, lastly, to those clients: we adore y’all. Everything we ever did together was made with love for you, your business, your people. Thanks for trusting us. We’re very proud of the work we did together.

With our love,


. . . . .

Our Archive
We’re going to leave (available soon) and @annexchs (on Twitter and Instagram) up for a while, as an archive. Our best tweet ever, for the record: “Pro Tip: Don’t Test in Production… At least it was our own site." But, they’ll close eventually, too. Our Facebook page will shutdown on July 15.

Studio Sale
On Saturday, June 24, we're hosting the first (and possibly the last) "All Sh!t Must Sell!" Annex Studio Sale at our 21 Jasper St. studio at 8 a.m. We're selling all the good stuff: rugs, desks, sofa + armchair, hexagonal paraphernalia, filing cabinets, storage solutions, bookcases, coffee makers, studio detritus, computery things, phones. All miscellany negotiable! See you bright and early. Cash only.

Continue to Work With Us
And this may seem a bit obvious, but we are no longer taking client projects. Geoff Yost, our creative director, however, is doing some work freelance in his specialities. We’ll let him tell you about it. You can contact him through his website, Colin J. Johnson is an amazing freelance photographer, and you can contact him through his website,